you want to capture a certain time in your life, create a memorable gift, celebrate getting into shape, or just reconnect with your sexy side, you’ll actually end up experiencing much more. You'll see yourself in a different way and have fun. We will make you look your best as we use posing, lighting, visually striking sets, and retouching techniques that turn women at all stages in their lives- whether brides-to-be, soccer moms or boardroom executives into cover girls.



We will sit with you in our office and will review the potential outfits and accessories you can bring, so we can determine which sets in the studio will best compliment the desired looks. You might have a few shots in mind yourself, for example, in your husband’s favorite team’s jersey or some setups you’ve seen on our website.

We always encourage our customers to bring ideas in their cell phones of photographs they feel comfortable or daring to create in the studio. That is the best way for us to see what is in your mind.

If you’re feeling a little nervous, don’t worry about it. We are seasoned pros who will coach you through your shoot. Boudoir Photography is all about you being comfortable and having fun. Also know that we are highly skilled in photographing all body types and making them look beautiful.



Stay Well-hydrated and get plenty of sleep starting at least one or two weeks before the shoot. Paint those hand nails and toe nails. It's crazy how big of a difference they make for your final photos!

Tanning? Plan your photography to be done a few days after your tanning session... DO NOT plan them to be done in the same day or just the next day.

Shave your legs, underarms, and bikini line the morning of your session. If waxing have photography session about 3-5 days after waxing. Come to the studio in loose-fitting clothes to prevent dents or lines in your skin.

Going to the salon right before your photography session? Arrive at your hair and makeup appointment with no makeup on and no product in your hair. Make sure hair is completely dry if you washed it earlier in the day.
Having your hair and makeup professionally done is critical for best results.



1. Bring four or more lingerie outfits. Go for a sexy look: corsets, bustiers, bodysuits, body stockings, bra and panty sets. Other types of outfits can also work well, such as a sports jersey, bridal veil, sheer sexy shirt, etc. If you’re bringing any of these types outfits make sure to still bring 4 lingerie outfits. Don’t bring any babydolls. These fit very loosely and visually add about 20 pounds to the body. Outfits that are fitted (lay against the body) work best for all body types.

2. Thigh-high stockings—they’re a great way to lengthen your legs.

3. High heels!

4. Accessories are always fun (e.g., necklaces, rings, bracelets, hats)

5. It’s better if you bring too much clothing and accessories than not enough.

6. Stuffing clothing into bags will wrinkle them, so bring your clothing on hangers in a garment bag or plastic cover. Make sure all items have been ironed and are wrinkle free.



Once you come to our studio for your photo session, you will be assigned to a changing room where you will unload your clothing bags and hang your clothes and place your accessories.

The photographer will point to what clothings you will change into based on the ideas from the first conversation you and him had.

The photographer will help you all along directing your poses, making sure you will always look your best, natural.



A week after your session we will meet again in our studio and review all the photos we took. You will be capable to review each and select your printing and digital order Once you have made your selection, the prints and all the products will arrive to our studio one week later (depending on the products you ordered the time your products will take may be longer) we will notify you for you to come back to the studio and pick up all your final prints and products.